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JUNE 2023


Want to commute to and from
work with a $0 fuel bill?
Our NEW Hybrids run 40+ km’s on ELECTRIC and zero fuel!

Our NEW Jeep, Dodge, and Chrysler Plug-In Hybrid vehicles offer exceptional overall value and are amazing for commuting at no cost.

Due to huge Canadian demand, we currently have Jeep Grand Cherokee 4XE PHEV’s in stock here at Sherwood Dodge with the Wrangler, Pacifica and Hornet models landing daily.

You can see all our in stock models HERE.

Jeep WRANGLER 4xe PHEV - Say hello to the industry's first plug-in hybrid electric vehicle with open-air freedom

Dodge Hornet R/T PHEV - Iconic muscle meets style and new tech. The hive is electrified: experience stinging electric power, advanced technology,
and unmistakable Dodge performance in the Hornet R/T PHEV.

Chrysler Pacifica PHEV - As the only plug-in hybrid minivan, the Pacifica is where innovation enhances family life in a fun, practical and planet friendly vehicle

As we only have a few of the Grand Cherokee plug-in hybrids in stock here at Sherwood Dodge but you may order any of the above shown vehicles from the Hornet plug-in hybrid, Wrangler 4XE plug-in hybrid, and the Pacifica plug-in hybrid to take delivery here at Sherwood Dodge.

To see our in stock Grand Cherokee 4xe PHEVs please click HERE.

Go the distance with a total combined range of up to 761km on the Grand Cherokee.

For all other Hybrid or electric vehicles offered or coming contact us here at Sherwood Dodge (780) 410-4100 or email us.

Why a Plug-in Hybrid?

Plug-in Hybrid cars are typically more fuel-efficient than their gas counterparts since they can switch between their gas and electric motors while being driven. The key reasons to consider buying a plug-in hybrid car are to save on gas and help reduce emissions while still getting the range capabilities of a gas car. Plug-in hybrid batteries can be charged by an outside electric power source, by the internal combustion engine, or through regenerative braking. During braking, the electric motor acts as a generator, using the energy to charge the battery, thereby recapturing energy that would have been lost.

Schematic of Pacifica PHEV

Plug-in hybrids use roughly 30% to 60% less petroleum than conventional vehicles. Since electricity is produced mostly from domestic resources, plug-in hybrids reduce oil dependence. Cost per mile when using plug-in hybrid is significantly cheaper than traditional combustion engines. Less Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Plug-in hybrids typically emit less greenhouse gas than conventional vehicles.

Plugin Hybrids have highest range of all vehicles.

Coming Fall 2024!

2024 RAM 1500 REV

2024 RAM 1500 REV

The truck industry is due for a revolution and the Ram 1500 REV is ready to charge forward with a revamped exterior design, cutting‑edge technology, and exceptional electric capability.

Harnessing the power of the new STLA body‑on‑frame platform, the Ram 1500 REV is primed for success with exceptional benchmarks in terms of capability, range, towing, and payload.

Storage options abound in the Ram 1500 REV, and at the top of the list is the new frunk, which offers easy‑to‑access onboard power and game-changing cargo space with secure, weatherproof protection.

To learn more about this amazing truck, contact us here at Sherwood Dodge (780) 410-4100 or email us.

2024 RAM 1500 REV frunk

Blackberry and Chocolate Ice Cream Icebox Cake

This dessert looks way more complicated than it is—if you have the time to whip some cream, you can throw this layered stunner together. For a slight twist on the regular icebox cake formula, you mix blackberry jam into half of the whipped cream for a fruity element and spread a layer of chocolate ice cream right through the middle.

Blackberry and Chocolate Ice Cream Icebox Cake


  • 1½ cups chilled heavy cream

  • 1 tsp. powdered sugar

  • ½ tsp. vanilla extract

  • Pinch of kosher salt

  • ⅔ cup blackberry jam or preserves

  • 21 individual chocolate graham crackers (about 5½ sheets), plus more for topping

  • ½ pint chocolate ice cream, softened at room temperature until pliable


1) Line a 9x5" loaf pan with plastic wrap, leaving a few inches of overhang on all sides. Chill pan until ready to use. Using an electric mixer on medium-high speed, beat cream and powdered sugar in a large bowl until stiff peaks form, about 3 minutes. Place jam in a medium bowl and whisk to loosen, then gently mix in half of whipped cream. Mix vanilla and salt into plain whipped cream.

2) Scoop half of vanilla whipped cream into prepared loaf pan and spread into an even layer. Arrange a layer of graham crackers on top, breaking or cutting to fit as needed. Add half of blackberry whipped cream, smooth into an even layer, and top with another layer of graham crackers. Dollop ice cream across top and smooth into an even layer. Add a third layer of crackers, followed by remaining blackberry whipped cream. Repeat with a fourth layer of graham crackers and finally spread remaining vanilla whipped cream over (don’t worry if it’s a little higher than edges of pan). Crumble some graham crackers over. Cover with plastic overhang and freeze until set, at least 6 hours.

3) To serve, using plastic overhang, unmold cake (if it’s hesitant to come out, run the sides of the pan under warm water for a few seconds to loosen) and cut into slices.

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